Synergy 8 is proud and humbled to have been awarded the 2017 “We’re Proud of You” award from the B’nai Brith Lodge 739.

In the 63rd annual event, which was attended by nearly 1000 Saskatoon men, Synergy 8 were able to accept this recognition and say ‘Thank you’ to all of Saskatoon who have supported them for the past 9 years. 2018 marks the groups 10th anniversary – they promise to ‘wow’ the Saskatoon community again with their annual golf and gala dinner event at the end of August, and stay tuned for details on the annual Romancing the Vines wine event coming up in early March.
Working with community partners to make Saskatoon a better place to live
Our Mission
Synergy 8 Community Builders is committed to collaborating with local community groups and organizations to provide leadership in community engagement and innovative strategies for building community development.
Our 8 Foundational Beliefs
  1. Friendraising – We believe in Raising Funds & Finding Friends to realize bold new community visions.
  2. Youth Building – We believe that the future of our community is built through supporting the children and youth in our community.
  3. Community Leadership – We believe in and support programs and projects which support diversity of thought, cultures, visions, resources, and issues that exist is our Community.
  4. Community Engagement – We believe in Mobilizing the Ideas, Skills, and Passion of Community Organizations, Governments, Businesses, and People through community conversations.
  5. Community Partnerships –We believe that Community Projects which incorporate partnerships and networks with local community groups are successful because they result in more local participation, co-operation, empowerment, and decision-making that is based on community input and shared values.
  6. Community Philanthropy – We believe in facilitating collaborative philanthropy by making powerful connections between donors and community organizations for the long-term benefit of Saskatoon and surrounding area.
  7. Community Building – We Believe in applying resources, expertise and leadership, in partnership with others to identify needs, address community issues, and build a stronger community for the benefit of Saskatoon citizens.
  8. Community of the Future – We believe in helping our community respond to the challenges of the 21st century through active participation and community leadership.